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In 2008, I graduated from Drury University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and I believe God has called me as a fellow teacher to walk with families to create a home environment that is thriving. A thriving home life starts with the core of who God has called us to be as spouses, children and followers of Christ. One of God’s greatest gifts of parenthood can also lead to some of the greatest struggles in life. The pressure is intense for parents in our society to make the right choices and pave the right path for our children, so much so that it can sometimes leave us feeling depressed, lonely, tired, anxious and like a failure. The unmet expectations can allow for darkness to take over where there should be light. The overflow of the darkness has the potential to impact our marriages, friendships, careers and our mental and physical health. As a teacher, my job was to focus on curriculum, but my heart couldn’t stop at just teaching academics, so I completed my Master’s in Counseling from Lindenwood University. I wanted to see a life change, but not with just the children, but also with their families and coworkers.

As a mother of four, a wife of nine years and seventeen years of volunteering in various areas of my church I have realized that people have difficult circumstances that stir in their hearts. These deep rooted concerns are like the presents that we wrap for special celebrations that start off beautiful, but due to circumstances they are not handled with care and become damaged. If we are all being honest we have a concern that leaves us feeling damaged, ugly and broken. Inside we are no longer the nicely wrapped present, but instead the present left in a minivan that hauls toddlers.

The party host eventually will open all the nicely wrapped presents including the ugly and mangled, only to reveal it has the same thing inside, a gift. I want to take practical counseling techniques and biblical knowledge to help each person sort through their packages in life, find the ugly, mangled and abandoned circumstances and reveal the true gift our God wants us to see. The good and the ugly are a part of our life and they both reveal something new. Let’s open these parts of your life up together and rewrap what needs to be made new.

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