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Our Approach

Biblical. Clinical. Professional.

Choosing a counselor is a big deal. You wouldn’t be looking for one unless you or some one you love is facing some serious difficulties. What you need is a counselor who shares your values and can help you be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy in every area of your life.

That’s why I founded MyCounselor back in 2007. To help you have easy access to professional counselors who love Jesus, know the Bible, and who are clinically trained to apply the best practices of mental and relationship health to your situation.

I personally recruit every clinician on our team and oversee their training to ensure your experience is a great one. We genuinely care about our clients. It matters to us that you reach your goals and have a full, joy filled life. We want you to be happy.

Having worked with thousands of clients, we really understand the struggle. We’ve been in the trenches and faced the ugliest of ugly. We get it.

And we know how to help.

I can’t promise you it will all work out the way you want.

I can promise we will always be real with you. We will tell you what we believe you need to hear, whether or not it’s what you want to hear. We will help you identify why it’s not working for you and what needs to happen for it to improve.

We’re not miracle workers, but we do believe in miracles– Because we’ve seen them happen.

If a person is willing to humbly work on their stuff, our experience is, amazing things can happen.

It may not be quick and it wont be easy, but you can overcome the challenges you’re facing and have the abundant life you were created for.

Why not take the first step towards that future now?

Cheering you on!

Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC, CST


What are People Saying

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MyCounselor | Denver, CO


MyCounselor | Springfield, MO

MyCounselor | Kansas City

MyCounselor | Columbia, MO

In-Person Counseling 

If you live in or near Kansas City, Columbia, or Springfield, Missouri, we provide in-person counseling at our physical offices.

MyDevice Counseling 

Connect with a state-licensed Christian counselor no matter where you live. With MyDevice video counseling, you receive the care you need on the device and in the location of your choosing.

AccessPoint Counseling 

Schedule your appointment at a physical office near you, connect with your counselor through video conferencing technology, and enjoy a private session in a comfortable setting.

Our Counselors

Trusted Experts
In Mental Health

MyCounselor Online provides you with easy access to licensed, clinically trained counselors who love Jesus and know the Bible. Receive the care you need from clinicians who share your values and can help you be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy in every area of your life.

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